Botanical name:
Fagus sylvatica

Imposing veneer Ideal in combination with other materials. Simple, with good resistance, can be easily toned.


European beech very often can be fond in West and Central Europe.

Texture characteristic
Beech is remarkable of its structure with scattered small pores and has lightly-blue or bright pink- brown color.


Beach often find his application because his strength. Beech veneer is good for polish, stain and tone. The processing of surface can be made by all conventional means. The beech of Danzer company is famous of high quality and big amount of smooth tone colors.


Though before beech has been applied for mass furniture production for schools, offices and children rooms, but now days it is applied for production of good quality and even vanguard furniture. Because of its simplicity and ability to combine with other materials, beech belongs to most frequently used sort of veneer. Along with door production, beech is highly rated in interior finish, specially in construction.


Obtrusiveness, clarity, clearness and at the same time warmth, confidentiality and naturalness are description of beech. This is classic wood soft, sensory attractiveness.