Veneer production is one of the perspective directions in the forest sector development of the economy of Ukraine.


The implementation of environmentally friendly and energy saving technologies makes the production not only economically profitable, but also ecologically safe and socially necessary thus promoting the stable development of national economy.


All production processes at the enterprise are automated. Harmful chemical and toxic compounds are not used during production, which makes veneer safe for the environment and health of both the enterprise employees and consumers.


In March 2006 the management of Ukrshpon LLC with the foreign investments, one of the first enterprises of the woodworking branch in Europe, implemented the Ecological Management System (EMS).


The development of system’s elements was carried out with regards to the requirements and recommendations of the regulation of European Parliament and Council of Europe No. 761/2001 EMAS, ISO 14001:2004 international standard.


The obtained results helped not only to monitor and reduce a negative impact on the environment, but also to improve monitoring of raw materials use as well as to effectively manage wastes and achieve the better ecological and economical results.