The modern equipment, with which the enterprise is fitted, allows to produce the highest quality veneer 0,3 - 3,3 mm thick as well as sawn timber from softwood and hardwood of any assigned dimensions.


In order to produce high-quality veneer with the most effective use of raw materials, our experts will assist a client in:


o Choosing the optimal way of block ripping, as well as the method of veneer slicing, which will provide the maximum veneer output with the required texture, taking into account peculiarities and raw material characteristics (namely, sweep, the availability of cracks, visible defects (knots, burrs, rots), size, color, structure and shape of a log) 


o Choosing the optimal way of raw material pulping in order to ensure the required veneer color as well as its elasticity.


A client is capable to be present at all production stages as well as to introduce his corrections during the veneer production process.