Botanical name:
Juglans nigra

Exclusive veneer with traditionally big capabilities in design. Since the time of baroque and rococo styles it is considered high quality decoration material for furniture production.


American nut grows in deciduous forests of East and Central America, but most frequently in the forest of Indiana.

Texture characteristic
Because of small pattern in the form of flower or striped texture the nut is graceful, elegant sort of wood. The color is purple-brown.


Nut has excellent strength, its surface can be processed well. Nut veneer is good for polish, tone and mat. Varnishes are usually well absorbed.


Nut veneer is generally applied for high quality works. As an decorative material, nut occupy the leading place for centuries in furniture production of different styles and ages. Nut veneer, for example, was used in furniture production in baroque an rococo styles. For the fist time it was widely used in Renaissance and the second discovery of its design abilities was happened because of Italian furniture designers.


High quality rutted in history. Extravagance, uncommonness and solidity.