Botanical name:
Acer sp.

High quality contrast veneer. Emphasizing dark furniture specially good for inlays.


Mountain maple can be found in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Texture characteristic
Maple has quite homogeneous pattern of structure, sometimes slightly wavy. Color – bright, almost white.


Maple has good strength, almost as beech. Fine-pored wood is good for polishing, toning and painting. It is well processed by varnish, but it is difficult to make long lasting light protection for avoiding yellowing in spite of availability of ultraviolet ray absorbent.


Maple veneer is applied in furniture production and interior decoration. It is often used for creating contrast in dark furniture production, for example from walnut and in combination with different paints. Also used for interior lining of high quality furniture. Maple veneer is widely used in mosaic operations.


Bright and simple and at the same time elegant, high quality and filigree. Expressing openness, tolerance and almost puritanical consistence.