Botanical name:
Quercus petraea (etc.)

Ambitious veneer. Mainly applied in furniture production for premium bedrooms and luxuries furniture.

Oak is an northern deciduous wood Central Europe and North America are richest places of oak growing.

Texture characteristic
The constitution of clearly visible yearly cycles secures the strong, smooth structure of oak. Colors very form beige to honey yellow.

Oak has excellent strength. Oak veneer can be toned in different ways, and this just stress the structure of its yearly cycles. Varnishing is also popular action, specially in black and white colors.

Traditionally oak is multipurpose wood, applied in all spheres of life, especially for interior finish of premises and furniture. Young bright oak veneer applied for production of bedrooms and luxuries furniture. Beside that, oak veneer is often used for covering of doors, walls and ceilings.

Long-lasting and without age, known from young age, oak veneer express calmness, solidity and security. Quite stylish and solid, eternal.