Botanical name:
Prunus serotina

High quality, well- combined furniture veneer. Well mach to bright and black sorts of wood and with other materials.

Cherry grows in Ukraine.

Texture characteristic
Cherry has small pores and even, natural, mat shine. In comparison with European sort, the cherry is darker. Has typical small resin pockets.

Cherry has good strength, can be toned, matted and polished. By sunshine influence can be slightly darken, but this can be compensate by special operating on surface.

As European, Ukrainian wood also demanded for furniture production. Because cherry can be matched with dark and bright wood and with such materials as glass and steel, it is often used in high quality furniture production. In interior decoration cherry can be applied for covering walls and ceilings.

Modern classical design. Noble, calm and balanced, qualitative solid, and at the same time without unnecessary pretentiousness. Alive and pleasant, slightly antique.